Tattoo Studio

Drawings and paintings are not to be done just on paper or canvas! Here we draw and paint on skin!

The Atelier has a place dedicated to the Tattoos, all the material we use is vegan, not being of animal origin nor tested on animals. we love animals so we respect them.

In this space you can ask for the execution of a tattoo that you have already defined or, you can ask our artists to execute custom projects. If you already have a defined drawing, it must have a format and quality compatible with the execution of the stencil, and it is not possible to use perspective images, pixelated or non-assigned copyright.

The execution of projects is done in order of arrival of applications and their prior payment. The client must have a clear idea of what he or she wants and give the chosen artist all the relevant information so that the drawing can meet the needs of the artist (area of tattooing, dimensions, concept, style, colors, etc.). The client has access to the work process, and may request small changes that do not compromise the entire design. If you want changes that require the execution of a new design, you must request a new project, and no refunds or rebates are accepted for any amounts previously paid. Each project requires time, which has to be paid.

Check our online store for prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for more personalized quotes and bookings.

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