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Registration subscription Year 2018-19: 60 €

Book your place to start your classes in February. Bring 1 friend and have in that month 50% discount on the Jewelry and the monthly fee.


Art is invaluable in the education and balanced development of people of all ages.

At an earlier age, art enables children a healthy and natural way of exploring, discovering, understanding and developing their inner emotional world, working on self-confidence and self-esteem, creativity and imagination, and at the same time functioning as an element of balance between the rational and emotional forum. With 3 or 4 years it is mainly intended to explore materials, colors, textures, invent. then, We slowly begin to propose more specific images so they start to respect some rules. From the age of 5, when they have a higher concentration capacity, defined objectives are proposed to work on the observation, letting them, at the same time, make free works to stimulate the imagination. When kids grow up and become young teenagers, and we think they already have the necessary skills, various techniques and more theoretical teaching are introduced. Experiment with various supports, materials and styles to discover what they like and then, as young adults, can choose to develop a certain technique / thematic.

who enters adult and already knows what inspires, this will be our starting point, adapting the technique that best adapts to the theme and the knowledge that the students may have, or their absence. Anyone who come in search of inspiration will find it for sure! We are also sought by people who already have bases and want to improve, anything is possible ...

Dare! Come and discover a world of colors and traces where imagination is the limit.

If you have any questions, please contact us and request our rules / registration form.


Important note: Classes divided by age, working in different rooms;

The enrollment in a certain timetable will depend on the existence of vacancies at the desired time;

  If none of these times are favorable you can propose us one, with the registration pending until there are more interested in the same time.

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We are also joining a group of people who want to take classes in Mafra, a place still to be defined but it is expected to be in the area of Malveira / Ericeira. If you are interested you should also pre-register and publicize a lot to achieve the minimum number of registrations required for opening in the zone. Day and time to be defined subject to availability of the interested and teacher.


Payment Methods

We have several schemes available to make your life easier!


If your life allows you to commit yourself to a regular weekly attendance and in a fixed class, the best regime is the Monthly Rates, varying the value according to the weekly hours you want.

1H / week: 40 € (only for children 3-4 years)

2H / week: 66.5 €

4H / week: € 133

Note: In this scheme you can benefit from discounts (not cumulative):

7.52% if you make the payment until the 25th day of the preceding month

20% if you pay 8 months, from January to August at the ready.



If you have a lot of free time and really want to dedicate yourself to Art, we have the Free Transit regime for you. In this regime you can attend all Drawing / Painting classes and also attend the Atelier outside of class hours, as if it were your own Atelier. You must go to the classes to be guided and then feel free to give wings to the imagination the rest of the time!

Free Traffic: € 150 / month, outside the class hours, you must confirm if someone is on site so you can attend.


lessons CARD

If your personal or professional life does not allow you to compromise, but you have this desire to learn, we have the card regimen. There are 4, 8 or 12 lessons of 2H that can be deducted in a week or a year, in this case until August 2019. Everything depends on the times you want and can come to the Atelier. If you do not have a mandatory, you are not registered in a specific class and you should contact us whenever you want to come to see if you have a vacancy at the time you want and, if so, to book.

Card with 4 lessons: € 74.41

Card with 8 lessons: € 135.30

Card with 12 lessons: € 182.65

(Values include VAT)


Private lessons

Private Lessons - € 30.75 if you go to the Atelier. You can request a private lesson in your home, adding to this amount the cost of travel. Contact us for a free quote, indicating your area of residence.